Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc.
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HHGU, Inc. is:
an educational 501(C)3 non-profit organization with a curriculum that supplements public or private school academic program. 
HHGU, Inc. provides an innovative educational curriculum which enhances the public or private school system academic curriculum. The school systems provide the academic programs and HHGU Inc. addresses self esteem, vocabulary, critical thinking and leadership along with incorporating physical activity and nutrition. Our program prepares the student for the classroom instructor.

We also are a speakers bureau; if you are in need of a speaker, we are your choice. Our focus is youth and young adults.Contact us: 678-528-3366 OR email: hguservices@gmail.com-website: www.hiphopgrowsup.com. 

                                                Hip Hop Grows Up Inc. “I Positive Movement”
HHGU closes the gaps in education, between parents/guardians, youth, and educators via a strategic curriculum, broadcast programming, conferences, social media, and staunch educational, political, and entertainment influence. 

HHGU, Inc. exist to serve youth and families, especially young mothers and struggling families, to achieve the support needed to fulfill educational expectations. The expectations are that all students can do very well in school. HHGU Inc. is here to assist in making this a broader reality, “to level the educational playing field,” among global youth, by many means necessary.

The mother-daughter duo aims to teach youth, essential life skills, which are not of primary focus under their conventional academic curricula. Their target age group range from ages 5-25

Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. ® , Atlanta, GA 30330, Phone: 678-528-3366, Email: hhguservices@gmail.com, website: hiphopgrowsup.com
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​THE "iPositive" MOVEMENT
Recreating the global village it takes 
to raise our  children.
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Hip Hop Grows Up's 7-Week 7-Up's Successful Completion of the Critical-Thinking, Affirmation, and Leadership level of The iPositive Curriculum called, The 7-Up’s, sponsored by Hip Hop Grows Up, Inc. to recognize Girls Incorporated of Albany, Georgia’s Summer Programming.ng.